Increase employee satisfaction with unique perksĀ 

Discover how to seamlessly integrate travel at trade prices into your benefits package to recruit, reward and retain the best people.

    We make travel more affordable by offering trade prices

    We know how hard it is to build a successful, healthy business. Recruitment, and rewarding and retaining talent is competitive. So, how do you stand out from the crowd and support your team’s well-being and satisfaction levels?

    Perks and benefits are one way you can offer something truly unique and outshine the competition.

    Our whitepaper includes:

    • The current employee benefits landscape
    • Current trends in perks and benefits
    • Tools and techniques to reward and recognise
    • An introduction to our totally unique travel and leisure membership platform

    Download our guide: “Perk up your Perks” and learn how to:

    • Support employee well-being
    • Improve employee satisfaction
    • Unlock your businesse’s potential by offering a totally unique package that they will love

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    Travel at trade prices offers exclusive travel discounts that enable your employees to explore the world at unbeatable prices. With up to 40% savings on hotels and access to flights, car rentals, and activities, we put the world at their fingertips without breaking the bank.

    Tons of lifestyle perks

    Beyond travel, provides valuable lifestyle benefits, including 25% off at thousands of restaurants, 30% off cinema tickets, and 50% off days out. It’s more than just a travel club; it’s an all-encompassing benefit package.

    Happier employees

    By offering memberships, you demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being. Happy employees are more engaged and productive, which positively impacts your company’s success.

    See how travel benefits have retained and attracted talent at Force24

    Perk up your perks

    The secret to boosting employee satisfaction and retention at an affordable price.

    Tailored and customised to your business

    Discover how to offer premium employee perks without the premium price tag.

    Boost morale, retain talent

    Learn simple strategies to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty.

    Implement with ease

    Get straight-to-the-point advice for seamless integration of travel benefits into your business.